Thursday, 21 May 2009


Portfolio Sample/1st year/Design And Art Direction BA (Hons)

A Good Wife Guide.


Identify a subject from your chosen category and design a publication containing 3 things people should know about it. This will be a prototype design for the publication of the series. The format should be A3 initially, this can be developed at a later stage. The copy should be concise, and relevant to the understanding of the subject and must express the hierarchy of information. Typography should remain the main focus. The use of visual material is encouraged, firstly, to increase visual interest and secondly to make aspects of the facts easier to understand.


I began my research by reading 'books for men and women' from the artists book collection and 1940/50s back issues of 'Good Housekeeping'. I found that there were certain rules about etiquette, housekeeping, childcare and marriage offered to women of the time. These were completely serious, yet by today's standards these ideas seem archaic. I felt by using this copy combined with imagery I could make a really ironic piece of work.

I felt the use of collage would give me the freedom to combine old and new imagery and enable me to manipulate my found images convey the ironic message and represent the social attitudes of the time. I took ephemera from good housekeeping guides, found imagery, postcards, replica 1950s household memorabilia (I.E ration books) as well as mixing textile media into my work