Thursday, 19 May 2011

Idle Screening

 I decided to screen some of the greyscale illustrations I have done for The Idler to add a splash of colour bring them into a larger format.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fantasy has had a lot of bad press. 

but the concept has little to do with those common sense notions of it as an 'escape from reality.' It deconstructs that fantasy/reality opposition by drawing attention to the activity of fantasy in everyday life experience, of which day-dreaming is only one common manifestation. Rather than dismiss this activity as trivial supplements to the real they must be seen as central to any thinking about images for a politics of representation that acknowledges 'physical reality' - the reality in which the human mind is not an objective decoding machine but a physical apparatus that is selective and motivated in its activity. For it must surely be here in the intersection of social identity with fantasy , and the unconscious with cultural identification that Mise-en-scène takes on its full import as the staging of desire.
Not simply a scene for the sight of desire. Desire, not as the 'hidden content' of an image but rather as ' the something' in that work that every spectator does across the 'dialectic of identification' that he or she is caught up in when looking at an(y) image.


Mise-en-scène emphasises more than just adding together elements of staging in any literal, technical sense. As 'mere technique' or 'a question of good composition,' it is rather the basis of what constitutes the actual place and space of image, what it signifies.

In this sense Mise-en-scène offers a concept which recognises the image as a place of work, a site of meaning and production, of precisely staging. It offers, in a manner that does not divide from content, the space in which to think the question - What has been staged here?

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Finishing Line

The finishing line is ever so close for the end of my degree and aptly the theme of our degree show is going to be 'on your marks' interpreted in many different ways, the class of D&AD 2010 are playing on the idea of a design olympics. As we are all about to leave university and enter the professional world, it is time to 'make our mark' on the design world. Get regular updates and info by following @onyourmarks2011, Twitter page

I will be adding my final projects to my website shortly, but for now here is a snapshot of my workings