Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Lives Of Others, QLD

Every now and again I accidentally encounter an intimate insight into the life of another. During my stay in Bundaberg, QLD I had nothing to do but join the local library, there, I loaned Paul Auster's 'Book of Illusions' and on getting halfway through found a fellow borrowers library receipt. The receipt listed the array of items that said borrower had chosen and amongst two Auster Novels it read;

1. Good Cooking: The new essential Guide
2. Small Spaces: Maximising Limited Spaces For Living
3. Breakfast
4. Theo & Co: The Search For The Perfect Pizza.

and the cherry on the cake...

5. Beekeeping For Dummies.

I wonder under what circumstances 'Erica M. Abotomey' would be able to partake in Beekeeping whilst maximising her humble abode and at the same time drastically improving her cooking skills, not forgetting her commitment to the perfect pizza, and in the meantime still managing to read two hefty novels, all before 9 Jul 2011.