Sunday, 25 April 2010

Surrealist Collage.

Final Four book Designs for a series called 'Futureshock'For this cover I wanted to create the feeling of being 'watched' but more than that the idea of being able to watch a persons thoughts. I wanted to get across the drone-like existence reflecting the way the novel strips humans of their right to emotion, rendering them practically robotic. I took influence from the 'caste' system described in the novel and tried to visualise what each would look like as well as refernces to Malthusian drills , the use of 'T' as a crucifix substitute and the sterile nature of the Brave New World. For this cover it was obvious I was going to have to reference the idea of burning books as the central theme of the novel. I wanted to try to do this in a non-obvious way by making the book a part of Montag the protagonist fireman. I wanted to show Montag's mental torment about the burning of books and his concealment of them within his memory. Here the book literally becomes his mind. The front cover displays the mechanical police dog from the novel.
I wanted to take these classic titles and create something intriguing an contemporary. Using predominantly collage I have amalgamated imagery to create surreal visuals to reflect the story inside.

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