Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Avant-Yard, Le Restaurant Surréaliste

Final outcome for my Surreal Restaurant.
Eventually it became appropriate to introduce image alongside typography for the restaurant. I will probably develop this project further in the future to expand it to a 'space' to create an all encompassing experience.
But for now, as I said near the beginning of the project,
Surrealism is said to be the 'total liberation of the mind.' In terms of the typographic restaurant brief I thought about how the actual act of choosing something on a menu is taxing on the mind and is definitely not liberating. What if a menu didn't list endless dishes and side orders, extras, specials, appetisers etc, but rather provoked a feeling or thought.
So here is my 'Menu of Thoughts'
Identity of Restaurant
Wallpaper Sample (from a collection)

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