Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Shadow Catchers
Camera-less Photography
V&A Museum, London.
13th October 2010-20th February 2011
Recently I have become interested in photograms, a type of camera-less photography, which involves placing an object in contact with a light sensitive surface and exposing both to light, the area which the object blocks the light is traced and recorded on the paper.
Considering my recent interest I thought it would be interesting to see the Shadow-Catchers exhibition at the V&A, and interesting it was. I found that there were other types of camera-less photography including; a Luminograms, Chemigrams, Digital C-prints or a Dye Destruction print.
"Images made with a camera imply a documentary role, In contrast, camera- less photographs show what has never really existed. Encountered as fragments, traces, signs memories or dreams - these images leave room for the imagination, transferring the world of objects into a world of visions"
I was particularly interested in Floris Neusüss' work, the sheer scale of the photograms was impressive. He created a sense of movement in a static image, a particular favourite was the image of someone leaning back on a chair named 'Be right back' I really got a sense of the moment the photogram happened.
Neusüss also created an intriguing image, instead of using artificial light from the darkroom he exposed light sensitive paper to a thunder storm and the results came from lightening exposing the paper.
Floris Neusüss
Gary Fabian Miller's work had an extremely sensitive approach and was one of the few works which embraced colour in the show. One piece called Delphinium, showed the process of a single petal being placed directly into the negative tray and exposed onto photographic paper, incredibly delicate.
Other highlights were Adam fuss' smoke diagrams, Susan Derges, Chladni inspired responses to sound and the video documentary, which gave an insight into the lives of the artists and their thoughts on such a 'dark' process.
Susan Derges
"If you don't create. You die. It's just about survival really"
- Adam Fuss

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  1. love that quote Nina, "If you don't create. You die"