Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Overheard Camp Conversations #beni2013

Adopt Sheffield and Manchester accents and imagine two 17 year old boys.

Bobby: "Why the fuck you talking about me for?"

Braces: "I'm not fucking talking about you, stop being fucking paranoid"

Bobby: "Why you being like that. You weren't like this yesterday..."

Braces: (to Spanish girl) "Will you marry me - you;re fucking beautiful - I;d get you the best fucking wedding dress you've ever seen"

Bobby: "She wouldn't fucking touch you, who would?"

Braces: "Well I've had a bit of Megan (Bobby's girlfriend)

Bobby: "Fuck off"

Braces: "Anyway, who;d fucking touch you?"

Bobby: "Er...my fucking bird, obviously"

Benicassim. July 2013. (From a series)

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