Friday, 28 August 2009

The Kennedy Museum.

Pariser Platz/Unter Den Linden/Berlin. The museum celebrates the life of the infamous Kennedy family through the medium of Beautiful black and white Photography. Showing how the Kennedy and Fitzgerald family were one of the first to recognise the effect of photographs, and later television images. Making 35th president, JFK the first Pop star of Politics June 26, 1963 in West Berlin. Only a few steps away from the museum, on the other side of the Brandenburg Gate, the American President saw for the first time the Wall that had been built two years before, dividing the city into two halves, East and West. Filled with emotion, Kennedy rapidly revised his long-prepared speech, to be delivered an hour later at the Schöneberg city hall. And he spoke those words, that for his wife Jackie, too, became his most famous: "Ich bin ein Berliner" A journey portraying the lives of the first family of the nation, their ups, downs, struggles, 'The Kennedy Curse', and how what they started still lives on today with the likes of Barrack Obama, who undoubtedly is a perfect follower in Kennedy's footsteps. The museum shows priceless personal belongings of the Kennedy's to support the photography, from briefcases to scribblings on scrap paper from JFK's desk. A few taster images can be seen here as no photographs can be taken in the exhibition. For more photos and Kennedy tribute visit the museum on Facebook:

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