Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The State of The Art New York.


Running from 9th April-6th September 2009 Location/Urbis/Manchester. Delicious alternative representations of sound! http://jenniecjones.wordpress.com/tapedrawings/ Jennie. C. Jones works with audio devices and tries to step outside the conventions of everyday use to create something new. I was very interested when I first saw her audio works, using magnetic tape under glass, as this type of ephemera, fascinates me. Through visual drawings with the tape, Jones transforms a recorded performance into a live one. Looking further into her work, I found a range of mediums in which Jones likes to work. Including collage, sound recordings, installation, sculpture and photography. A common theme of audio devices continues, with Jones’ visual and audio interpretations of music and an array of audio devices, including walkmans, headphones, cassette cases etc. Jones shows insight into the history and evolution of such items, paying homage to Brazilian philosopher Andres Pavel, whom held the first patent on a ‘personal stereo listening device’, which he called ‘The StereoBelt’ NM

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