Monday, 5 October 2009


Restriction, Belief, Shadow. Initially we decided to take the two elements from the three we were given, which best related to each other; belief (man jumping from a building) and Shadow (a quote from Buddha) We decided on the main themes of the quote were • Good vs. evil • Karma, so what you do/think reflects your fortune. • Happiness Vs Sadness. We decided the main themes of the image were: • A Leap of faith • Decisions • The visual representation of falling. We had to take aspects from each element and incorporate it into one piece. After much deliberation we decided the presence of image was unnecessary. We could represent the idea of leaping/falling, and incorporate good/bad choices within this. The final outcome: Evil- A catastrophe of letters and words, representing a bad/evil choice, will lead to pain and suffering..hence the letters crashing to the ground....resulting in a painful/fatal landing. Pure/good- the words and letters are gliding down towards a soft and happy landing. Colour is used to highlight good VS evil. (Group project; Nina McNamara, John McPartland, Sarah McCreedy.)

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