Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The BBC have gone through many idenitities, yet have remained a pillar of society within Britain.
It's come a long way since 1936.
BBC One.
First Ident "the Bats Wings" (1953-63) Created by Abram Games.
Designed by Lambi-Nairn, who also designed The 1997 relaunch of the corporation's logo utilising the Gill Sans font, which has remained across most channels. (lambie-Nairn also designed the 'block' logo for channel 4.
Red Bee Media
"Our brief was to try and ensure that what we emerged with at the end - within the tight constraints of idents: twelve seconds and a living hold - was something that would reward repeat viewing.
"The pitch-winning idea was a simple one and was born directly from how controller Peter Fincham talks about his vision for the channel. To celebrate BBC One's unique ability to bring people together, we highlighted magical moments when people come together as one.
"We chose the symbol of a circle for a number of reasons. Throughout history it has been an emblem of unity. It's the shape we make when gathering to listen to a story. And it's a subtle reference to BBC One's own history. Its very first idents, even before the globe, always referenced a circle in some way.

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