Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Flux Placement

In May of this year, I was lucky enough to be offered a four week placement with John Walsh, Creative Director of Flux Magazine. After being absolutely thrilled by this news I found the experience a huge learning curve and really felt like I got a sense of how a magazine works and how much work goes on beyond the actual page layout. Gemma Snelling and I got one of our illustrations published in the magazine and it is such a great feeling to your work in print and know that thousands of people may see it. It was very interesting researching the history of the magazine, and seeing how far it had come.I found it very inspirational to work with John and acquired a lot of contextual references, which I will use in my future work. For now though here are a few examples of pages I contributed to within the magazine. Enjoy!
Artwork: Nina McNamara & Gemma Snelling

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  1. yay! I particularly enjoy the last image :P