Saturday, 30 October 2010

Noise Vs. Test Space, A Cross City Showdown

Teaming up with three artists from Leeds and Three artists from Manchester, I was asked to complete work for a week long 'rapid' exhibition. The exhibition was organised by Test Space, Leeds in association with NOISElab. The idea was to create work within one day at factory, which is an amazing studio in Leeds, complete with screen printing beds, exposing units, wood workshop, jewellery making, upholstery and everything else you might need to create create great work; 3D, 2D or otherwise. The brief was to create work to represent either Leeds or Manchester, I really enjoyed creating the work in the space of one day as it was a good way to do something outside of university and create work, which reflects my personal style.
The exhibition, showing the rapid exhibition and other Test Space work is running from 30th October - 4th October at -
Birds Yard,
83 Kirkgate
The exhibition is moving to NOISElab on the 20th November (date tbc), where Leeds artist will come to Manchester to compete with Manchetser artists and exhibit their work at NOISElab.
Here are some examples of the work created:
Nina McNamara Jay Cover Pete Obsolete

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