Wednesday, 6 October 2010


  • Manchester Art Gallery
Saturday 19th September - Sunday 30th January
I have had an obsession with vintage recording devices since I began my foundation. In the past I have explored recorders of sound and then later trying to devise a new type of communication, by literally trapping sound. So naturally I was interested in visiting Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's, Recorders exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery. Filled with an array of recording devices via seven interactive installations.
The first room displays rather modest installations which are amusing to participate with. Exploiting the idea of sharing information, placing this experience into a physical space, makes us aware of the information we are sharing, mirroring the way we share information everyday, but in a more obvious way. the highlight of the exhibition is undoubtedly the pulse room, It is rare, if ever, that we are able to actually visualise our pulse, it is usually experienced through sound or feeling. A ceiling is gridded with hundreds of light bulbs, at the head of the room there are two metal handles, the visitor is invited to grab hold of the handles and then watch as the lights in the room respond to their unique heart rate, for a moment, the room represents the visitor, allowing them to see their pulse illuminated on a large scale. I found this experiential exhibition engaging a mixture of recording, ambience, light bulbs and interaction, in my opinion, is worth a visit!

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