Sunday, 21 November 2010


I was set the brief to Re-Brand Gpd by TDR's Creative Director, Ian Anderson.


To refresh the brand 'God' in an attempt to restore peoples existing interest in God, however small/large this may be.

Reasons why people have lost interest in God:


Old Fashioned




Reasons people like God:





Target audience:

People who already believe in God, but perhaps don't actively worship or participate in religion because of their lifestyle and/or negative connotations of religion


-I thought about other ‘more fashionable’ religions i.e Kabballah, and researched what resources can be used to their full potential to spread the word of God. I asked myself how could 'God' fit into the lifestyles of people too busy to worship or go to church. I came up with the idea of a Halo band, which would allow people to feel a sense of belonging, similar to the red Kabballah bands, or festivals bands: a statement of their religion .

The device is fitted with bluetooth and similar to an oyster card the band can be touched onto terminals to enable to wearer to download sermons from their local church, or national/global sermons.

Sermons can be listened to directly form the device or the band can link to iPhone, iPad, laptop, PC, Mac etc so that the user can listen in their free time and also keep a backlog of sermons as they would with downloaded music.

Would this destroy the ‘sense of community' that religion offers?

The band can also be used to share information between people, by touching wrists, the touching of wrists gives off more positive connotations of ‘me and God are mates’ rather than the previous negative connotations of praying i.e subservient. The band would promote a sense of religious community not just ‘in the church’ but all the time between people who meet and interact with each other in day to day life.

If this was a campaign in real life, the most popular and widely distributed brand to carry it out would be apple- therefore I came up with the concept, iGod

Final Poster, submitted to Grafik magazine

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