Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Lucy May Schofield

I was vaguely familiar with Lucy May Schofield's work before this lecture and I am fascinated by the intricate art of bookbinding, as I myself probably don't have the patience to be an absolute perfectionist, which seems to be a trait of bookmakers. Lucy showed us a range of beautiful books, but what was most interesting was the story behind her journey. It seems that her work, life and play are synonymous, she lives and breathes her work and her personal experiences are what fuels the content for her books. Her creative inspiration is her self and her interaction with others and the links and emotions floating in between.
I always like to hear how people get to where they are, as it is reassuring to find that it is okay (and probably a good thing) to not have a complete idea of what you want to do. Lucy is a great example of someone staying true to what they love doing despite difficulties and obstacles in terms of production and mass distribution. In fact it is all in the charm of a handmade book, that there are only a few and owning one of these few knowing each is hand finished is a very precious thought. Lucy's next venture is her 'School of Life' inspired, roaming, cathartic library this sounds fascinating and I admire her freedom to explore.
Lucy's Website (by Hilary Judd)
beautiful ready-made love note books, especially apt and inspiring near Valentine's Day

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