Thursday, 17 February 2011

Vaughan Oliver 17/02/11

Hugely anticipated lecture with renowned graphic designer, Vaughan Oliver. Vaughan showed us an extensive range of work spanning the length of his career. I am very familiar with Vaughan's work as he has been a massive influence to me and I find myself using him as a contextual reference often.
Vaughan's approach is fantastically appropriate to whatever it is applied to. His most famous works are for independent record label 4.A.D and more prominently, The Pixies, it is clear to see that Vaughan's long standing relationship and connection to the band and their music has informed his work. Vaughan manages to absolutely immerse the viewer with his visuals and really give a sense of the attitude, feeling and qualities of the band, transceding his own immersion in the music.
I found it interesting to hear how Vaughan creates these moods through collaboration, hand picking photographers for appropriate projects showing that he as a graphic designer must act as a magician in fusing each element together to create a coherent piece of design. Vaughan spoke passionatly about his work and this was inspriring that so many years on, his work is a labour of love. The highlight was a show reel of Vaughan's work played to David Sylvian's Orpheus, seeing the work to music aptly portrayed a mood and atmosphere of the work, iconic, to the point of being emotional.
Below is a link to my recording of the lecture

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  1. Hi there, thanks for your insightful thoughts on Oliver's work. I spent a week studying with Mr. Oliver in summer of 07 and found the experience mind-blowing.

    Your link to the Lecture mp3 no longer works, could you please upload it somewhere or email me direct at

    I'd be happy to share my own learning experiences with him with you if you would like.

    P.S. Great sketch booking by the way, keep it up!

    Regards, Jody Gaffney