Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Denver Doldrums

Last Stanzas in Denver, 1947 Art is illusion, for I do not act -
Dwell or Depart - with faithful merriment
My thoughts, though skeptic, are in sacrament
So I enact the Hope I can create
A lively world around my deadly eyes
Sad Paradise it is I initiate
and fallen angles who lost wings and sighs.
In this unworldly state wherein I move.
My Faith and Hope are hellish currency:
In counterfeit worlds, I coin swell Charity
About myself, and trade my soul for Love.
Allen Ginsberg's poem, part of The Denver Doldrums, handwritten in a letter to Kerouac. The words 'Sad paradise' in the second stanza, appeared to Kerouac as 'Sal Paradise', the name he used for himself in On the Road.

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