Friday, 15 April 2011


Russell Hancock gave use some very lively advice about how to be a freelancer. Russell himself talked about his post university journey, which was great to hear, because he went through a lot of knock backs until he finally decided that freelancing was for him. I am a strong believer that knock backs are one of the best things that can happen because it forces you strive to be better and try harder. Russell was an instantly likeable character and I am sure that is a quality which is of great use and imperative to being a successful freelancer, as there is no studio name to hide behind, it is literally just you. After the talk, Russell came to the studio and talked through essential documents, which we would need if we were to become freelancers. This was so valuable as prior to Russell's visit I wouldn't have had any idea about which documents to use to protect myself and my work and to avoid getting ripped off. Russell then did a few portfolio surgeries with us, he has really constructive about our work and gave some good feedback and advice on how to improve. I have considered freelancing as a possible career path and speaking to Russell has been really beneficial and will definitely be of use once I leave university.

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