Sunday, 27 March 2011

Anish Kapoor

Always interested in seeing huge great sculptures in the middle of large gallery spaces, I headed down to the Anish Kapoor flashback at Manchester Art Gallery. I have never seen any of Kapoor's work in the flesh before, therefore it was a new visual experience for me.
There were a surprising number of works within quite a small space, perhaps too many. I could hear the familiar mumblings from fellow visitors questioning the integrity of contemporary art and how could what looked like a few piles of exotic spices be art? Others, especially children who were visiting the exhibition seemed fascinated by what they were seeing and rightly so, each piece definitely stirred up a level of puzzlement and caused me to stop and try to work out what it was I was actually looking. I especially enjoyed the piece named 'When I am Pregnant,' which was a huge white convex mound which seamlessly protruded from the gallery wall, from angle it was quite clearly visible, but looking directly at the wall, the bump was barely visible. I found this piece quite beautiful.
I often like to visit things, which are seemingly irrelevant to my practice because you never know how they might inspire you in the future.

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