Wednesday, 2 March 2011

DR. ME Talk

After rumours of a Skype lecture, I was unsure what to expect from DR.ME and was surprised on entering the lecture theatre to find the Manchester duo present. Instead of talking over points in voices, which they self-confess, would send us to sleep, the usual rambling on about the self, certain points taking far too long, and missing out vital pieces of information. DR.ME, which is the collaborative creative name of Mark Edwards and Ryan Doyle, decided to shake things up a bit and use an automated voice to concisely explain their university and post-university journey.
I found the lecture insightful and certainly have never been to a lecture which uses this platform and true to form it did keep me engaged. I took from the lecture the idea that if you keep working, keep doing work you believe in, continue to network and most importantly enjoy yourself then opportunities will slowly but surely start coming your way. DR. ME have recently moved into their own studio, which is an incredible achievement considering they only left university 7 months ago.
After the lecture I spoke to Mark and Ryan and talked through my portfolio, I found what they had to say really helpful, their constructive criticism was good to hear as it is always good to get an outside opinion on your work. I also found it useful to discuss how they coped working abroad, as this is one of my aspirations after leaving university, so thanks guys for putting my mind at ease!
Link to my blog post on DR.ME does Urban Outfitters

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