Sunday, 13 March 2011

Greg Quinton: A String Of Pearls

In association with D&AD North and Lost In The Forest, I, along with the rest of my course, was asked to individually design a poster to promote an upcoming D&AD lecture by Greg Quinton of The Partners, entitled, A String Of Pearls.
I expected the talk to be interesting as The Partners are considered to be one of the biggest design agencies in the world, so as well as being good designers, they must surely be able to promote themselves very well also. I found it surprising how down to earth Greg Quinton was, I did find this endearing but not so much engaging. I felt as though Quinton stumbled through the talk somewhat and despite whether this was positive in a 'We're just like you' kind of way, I had expected a more high-powered, well rehearsed talk. Each to their own, however and perhaps the reason why Quinton is so successful is because he is personable rather than egotistical.
As for the String of Pearls I found that many were slightly stating the obvious, I mean of course all were valid, but some i.e 'Word Damn Hard' and 'Love good Clients' were more like common sense rather than wisdom -worthy. Overall I think that a lot of the work Quinton showed was impressive, and certainly portrayed The Partners as versatile, so if nothing else I gained a well-rounded insight into an agency I previously knew of but knew little about.

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