Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It Felt Like a Kiss!WATCH ME.

Just had to post this, as the film from the fascinating collaboration between Punchdrunk, Adam Curtis and Damon Albarn has become available to watch once more on bbc I-Player. The film was shown in snippets on various screen within different settings ; i.e living rooms, c.ia offices etc, and then the whole story comes together as the audience sit in a discarded party tent to watch the pieces fit together, waiting for the dream to end and the nightmare to begin. The beautful thing about the film is that it doesn't appear to have clear start or end, the film plays loop and the audience experience it at varying start points, yet the film still makes sense.
"I think we can get down into what a woman wants to feel, which is daring and a little bit...she wants to get away with something..if she has a chance to get away with something she wants to get away with atleast."

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