Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Original Sachsenhausen Transcript

Original transcript from my visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration camp, Berlin. text appears in 'A is Not for Apple, Z is not for Zebra.'

All the prisoners held under the Nazis and this statue and tower, really shows us that because if we have these 18 triangles from the countries where political prisoners were brought.erm.they are obviously not representing all the other prisoners that were brought here under the Nazis, and at the statue at the base, they list all the countries from which political prisoners were brought to the camp. and they list 20 countries, so there's some discrepancies.so erm again maybe aesthetics would win out of historical accuracy from time to time, and the East Germans main concern in their memorial site was really to glorify the communist struggle against fascism that's why they really focused on the communist prisoners here and the statue at the base of the tower can show us more thoroughly because we have three figures one is meant to be the prisoner from the camp which is being liberated and being welcomed back into society by a politician then behind is the soldier the Russian soldier the mother musical liberator and the artist who did that statue had to re-design it three times before it was approved because in the first two designs prisoner being liberated actually looked like a prisoner coming out of a concentration camp i.e very thin and emaciated and they said no I'm sorry that does not look like the strong men who saved the world from fascism so back to the drawing board. and by the third try they said okay that looks like our hero. but also in the East German memorial site there was absolutely no mention, and I'm sorry I said the memorial site was from 50-61-that's a lie it re-opened in 1961 and ran until 1989, alright, now that we're all with the facts. in the east German memorial site, there was also no mention anywhere whatsoever of how this camp was run between 1945 and 1950 under the soviets. now at the end of word war two all the powers that had aligned together to defeat Germany, so the Soviet troops, as well as the American the British and the french the allied troops the leaders from each of these countries got together to decide what to do with the country cos they wanted to keep a good eye on Germany so that she wouldn't get out of hand again like what happened after world war one. so what they came up with was to cut the country into 4 sections and put each section under a sphere of insulin so the NE quadrant of Germany went under the soviet and in that soviet sphere insulin they began opening prisoner camps to hold those who were not only not 'confunctionary' from before but also anybody who was now a political dissident to communism and in particular Stalin's form of communism. and they moved into old concentration camp sites because that was an easy place to start holding prisoners.so Sachsenhausen prison camp was run under the soviets special prison camp number 7.was one of ten such camps in this section of Germany. and the prisoners held here were mainly men,but also some women and some children. all prisoners were held without a proper court trial or a proper sentence some of them didn't even know why they were here. http://nina-mcnamara.blogspot.com/2009/09/is-not-for-apple-z-is-not-for-zebra.html

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